Orange is the new black – at least in beauty


Orange is the king of colors, thanks to next winter’s beauty trends. From eyeshadow to nail polish, from mascara to blush, from warm to neon, u will entirely change your makeup, making it so very summer-oriented. Are you thinking it might be too much to wear in winter? This color is very versatile and it can suit your look and personality, depending on where and how u use it. Here are some tips from the Fall Winter 2017-2018 shows!

Eyeshadow: focus on your eyes and also match your eyeshadow with an orange lipstick, to complete the orange makeup look; Blush: apply just a thin layer of orange-toned face powder on a nude look (this natural effect will lend you features a touch of elegance and sophistication); Nail polish: orange nail polish becomes a playful, eye-catching detail that totally suits your outfit; Outfit: Selena Gomez inspires me because she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Selena paired her Oscar de la Renta dress with ombre orange Rebecca de Ravenel earrings. As for her eyeshadow? You guessed it: orange. And if love this color, you can try to paint your hair too ;-).

Selena Gomez

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